ILP Advisory Board

Who are ILP’s Advisory Board Members?

ILP’s strategic plan outlines our future direction and approach to ensuring we continue to offer significant support and the best value as an industry association to our members and the wider learning and development community.

Our Advisory Board members are all highly successful professionals and industry experts who are invited to work closely with Kerry Brocks (ILP’s CEO) for a period of one year to support ILP in delivering its goals and making a positive industry impact.

Members of our 2022 Advisory Board


Adam Le Good

Membership Engagement & Experience

Adam has been working in the learning and development field for over 30 years. Commencing in 1988 as an internal consultant and facilitator, he broke away to establish his own learning and development consultancy in 1995.

With a background in Psychology, Human Resources and the Theatre he is a passionate advocate for engaging and impactful learning. Working with a very diverse client group on a broad range of topics he has worked throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Adam holds accreditations in a range of psychological instruments and is a member of the Australian Association of Psychological type and a Fellow and Regional Advocate of the Institute of Learning and Performance. As a highly skilled facilitator, his focus is on making a lasting impact on participants and the organisations who employ them.


Debbie Key


Debbie is a multi-award winner for learning and organisational development, with a double Masters qualification in Adult Education and Human Resource Management. Building on success through a number of senior roles, Debbie branched out to start SuccessBOX and with over 25 years of business experience across diverse industries, Debbie designs pragmatic solutions delivering results.


Dennis Hall

Marketing & Communications

Dennis has over 30 years management & leadership experience from working in businesses large & small. With an MBA in Marketing Management, he is able to provide insights into the complex dynamics that drive powerful business results from both better staff management practices and effective customer attraction & retention strategies.

For more than 17 years Dennis was a registered Coach & Facilitator with the Australian Institute of Management (Qld/NT), he has a unique blend of formal learning and experience that delivers plenty of impact for those he trains and coaches through his Direct Dialogue business consultancy .

He regularly speaks at business conferences throughout Australia and Internationally on the topics of “Mastering The Secret Language Of Business”, “Building better business relationships”, “The Six Deadly Sins of Negotiation”, “Mastering The Four Critical Rules Of Self Management”, “Working Less To Live Longer”, “How To Get Paid Doing Something That You Love” and “How to Retire 10 Years Early”.


Nancy Pavlovic

Professional Development

Nancy is a life-long learner and a career educator with 30 years’ experience across the L&D and VET Sectors, and is currently undertaking her Masters in eLearning. Beginning her career in the classroom has worked with multinationals across the government and private sector providing lateral solutions. She’s the managing director of the PAVLOV GROUP; an organisation focused on behavioural conditioning of your business, by specialising in auditing, instructional design, delivery, facilitation, assessment, project management, risk management and governance.

Nancy’s exceptional abilities and credentials give her clients an edge when it comes to problem solving, creating new possibilities & implementing specific strategies and more importantly producing a tangible ROI.

Her trademark style is both focused and engaging influencing, and facilitating positive organisational and workforce capability changes. The individuals and organisations she works with feel a high degree of ‘ownership’ of the solutions implemented.

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