ILP Masterclass – Stage presence for presenters, Adam Le Good

ILP Masterclass – Stage presence for presenters, Adam Le Good

Powerful presenters are aware of their stage and use it effectively. Effective stage presence adds impact to your presentation, makes it more memorable and helps effective learning transfer.

Whether you’re at the front of a classroom, on an elevated conference stage or in a tiny square on the screen, how you use the space you have makes an enormous difference.

Come to the masterclass to hone your skills, improve the use of the space you’ve been given and ultimately improve the outcomes for all the hours you spent in content research and design … and the participants.

Adam Le Good 

Adam has worked as both an internal and external training consultant since 1988 and has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing organisations and their staff.  Over that time he has developed and conducted a wide variety of management and personal development programs for a broad cross-section of clients.

In his programs he uses practical applications of management principles and theory plus an engaging and theatrical style to ensure that participants enjoy their learning experience and are able to translate their newly acquired skills to the workplace.

He has a thorough knowledge of adult learning, group dynamics, learning styles and human behaviour which ensures that the training will appeal to a broad range of participants.

This is an opportunity to learn from a true master.

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Adam Le Good

Adam Le Good

Assessor, Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Trainer


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