Social Selling

ILP Masterclass – Social Selling and Tools I Use, Con Sotidis

This masterclass focused on social selling approaches and how leveraging the power of technology can support you to grow your businesses.

Presented by Con Sotidis, Solutions Consultant with Thomson Reuters and Social Seller Coach and Trainer. Fellow of the ILP and Certified AHRI practitioner, Con continually looks for new tools and sites that can support his marketing efforts. Whether you are a consultant, a coach, a trainer or even in full-time employment – Con will show you how he has built his one-man marketing team and help you understand a few of the tools that he uses, (many free), how he leverages these to create a brand and how you too can implement them as well.

We explored some of the latest online tools that have been designed to assist entrepreneurs to save time and effort when they are running their businesses and how these can be used to help you build your brand.

Just some of the feedback from participants was:

  • Geoff Rip: Excellent compilation of valuable info. Now I need to make the time to play with these tools. Much appreciated. Thanks Con.
  • Neil Von Heupt (he/him): Love your work Con. The Horus you must spend exploring and testing things! Appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned.
  • Evelyn Morgan-Brooker: Fabulous Con!  So much to try and learn. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Congrats on a great presentation.
  • Roberta Skoric Facilitator Extraordinaire (Brisbane): Thanks so very much Con, and to the ILP Team.  A fabulously useful and motivating Masterclass.  Cheers to you Con.
  • Bill Jarrard: And remember most Masterclasses are on our Resources page
  • Anyetta Berrisford: This was soooo great, Con! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love these Masterclasses – thank you ILP!

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