ILP Masterclass – Preparing for 2022

ILP Masterclass – Preparing for 2022 – 1 December 2021 

As Australia emerges from lockdowns and regional and international travel starts to open up, what will your 2022 look like?


If the last two years have taught us anything it is that trying to predict the future has some potentially serious flaws. However strategic thinking about the future is still required and perhaps is even more important than ever before. So that is what the last ILP Masterclass for 2021 will focus on.


We will explore a range of strategic thinking and planning methods and techniques L&D professionals and organisations might find useful.  And we want participants in the masterclass to contribute to the session. Some of what we might explore includes:

  • The importance of Fore-sighting
  • Mapping an overall strategic plan
  • Understanding our Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategies, Objectives and KPIs
  • Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle – the importance of Why
  • Core strategies we need to develop (marketing, social media, technologies etc.
  • Testing emerging strategies for fit for purpose
  • Applications and technologies for strategic planning
  • Maintaining the plan after it is filed away in the bottom drawer


A quick look at ILP in 2022

  • Key strategies
  • CLO Central


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