Will you be ready for 2022? Will YOUR content still cut it?

ILP Masterclass – Are you thinking of taking content online?

As we seem to be hurtling towards the end of another challenging year, ILP wants to support members as we all start to look at the Year-End planning everyone in L&D and business should be doing.

To help support this, our next ILP masterclass may be a Wake-Up Call to many of our members, just as our last masterclass on Risk Management was. In this event we will explore the idea and wisdom of moving content online, for those who are doing it, are thinking of doing it, and are resisting it.

Some serious questions about your content need to be asked in the planning process:

  1. Does your unique and targeted content stand up post-Covid? Should YOU take it online? What is happening in a new globalised world where so much is now Online?
  2. Can you compete with big-name ‘presenters’ and thousands of Free courses, in a new world? What future will You embrace?
  3. Are you a Subject Matter Expert? Do you have unique insights, experiences, stories, and content the world needs to hear?
  4. Would you like to share it with your peers and new clients, who absolutely MUST learn from you, and do you want to continue to earn a living that makes your life fabulous?

If these questions spark worry you, or some of your own, then come along on 20th October, when David King will again share his insights on these questions.

David is a leader in helping people to understand the online environment, about how some programs work and most don’t. He has some straightforward views on what should and shouldn’t be done, and he wants to share them with us.

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