Handling Covid Cancellations - A word for the wise

Handling Covid Cancellations – A word for wise L&D professionals

Handling Covid Cancellations – A word for the wise

At a recent ILP L&D Lounge, the question of how to handle gig cancellations caused by Covid lockdowns, particularly when interstate travel is involved, and the client has insisted on the program or service be delivered in person.

Lounge participants had a variety of strategies, and usually tried to convince interstate clients to have the service delivered online where that was doable, but some clients only want in-person training.

Sandi Givens indicated she has been faced with this situation and has now inserted the clauses below into her client agreement/contract when booking interstate work:

  1. Border closure(s) leading to last-minute course cancellation and/or <your name> not permitted to travel from Melbourne to <location>:
    – <your name> will not charge <client> a cancellation fee
    – If changes in airfare and accommodation are required, these will be carried out by <client>
  2. Border closure(s) prohibiting re-entry to <your state>:
    – <client> will pay for necessary accommodation and reasonable food costs until return travel to <your state/city> is permitted.
  3. If <your name> is required to quarantine / self-isolate at a location other than home – <client> will cover any associated costs
    If required to quarantine/self-isolate at home – <your name> will cover any associated costs.

Having clarity between you and your client, on program cancellations is now more important than ever, and will be for some time yet. Thanks for sharing Sandi.

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