Filling the Training Room – Secrets to Success

Filling the Training Room – Secrets to Success

25th August 2021

Leanne Hughes and Adam Le Good

Have you ever tried to run a public training program, and been totally underwhelmed with the bookings? Even for a free event?

As an internal L&D leader, do you ever struggle to get the organisation’s managers and staff on board with training programs, even when the training is ‘required’.

What about online webinars, meetups, and masterclasses? Have you ever wondered why some attract large crowds, and others seem dismally under-attended?

What is the secret to filling the room? If you would like to know, this masterclass is for you.

Sure the size of the audience you are trying to attract is one reason for small numbers. And if you don’t actually want hundreds of attendees, because that makes interaction a challenge, maybe it isn’t a problem. But we suspect that when you have 25 registrations but only 8 participants turn, it can make things a little less than what you’d hoped for.

This is a challenge we think many, probably most, internal and independent L&D professionals have faced at some time.

And what about the legislation,  or compulsory CPD Points to maintain professional registration, certifications, or memberships? Do certificates and digital badges make a difference, and if so why and whom for? What role do these ‘incentives’ play, and do they actually work?

We think these are all good questions, so for this ILP masterclass we want to bring together a forum of professionals, internal and external, to share their success stories, and we’re sure we’ll hear a few sad stories as well.

This Masterclass is ended. if you are ILP member then you can login to watch the Masterclass Recording

Leanne Hughes

Leanne Hughes

International Facilitator | Virtual Speaker and Trainer | Host of the First Time Facilitator podcast

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