Recording - Facilitation in a Virtual Facilitation Environment

Recording – Facilitation in a Virtual Facilitation Environment

ILP Partner Showcase:

Facilitation and Coaching with virtual image cards in a Virtual Facilitation Environment (CCS Cards VFE)

Recorded 16 February 2022

In this event participants connected live to the VFE and Craig took us through a live CCS Cards activity to demonstrate the VFE in action. What Craig has created is outstanding and gives learning experience designers and facilitators an exciting new way to engage learners online.  Outstanding.

Even better, members of our ILP Community can get a 15% Discount on the VFE app,  which includes your first 20 participants.  Use discount code ILP15 and visit the VFE here.


The new normal for L&D professionals is being able to confidently deliver engaging coaching and facilitation experiences in both in-room and virtual spaces.

Image cards have long been a favourite tool for facilitators and coaches all over the world. Image cards are easy to use, reliable, flexible, create deep connection and creative engagement. But — up until recently they were essentially an in-room tool.

As a leading provider of image card tools, Australia’s own CCS Corporation has been innovating in this space for more than 20 years.

In this Showcase, ILP Fellow, Craig Browne, demonstrated CCS Corporation’s latest game-changing development: the CCS Cards VFE (Virtual Facilitation Environment). The CCS Cards VFE is a desktop application that gives L&D professionals the power to activate a virtual pack of CCS image cards on their participant’s mobile devices for both remote and in-room group facilitation and one-on-one coaching. It’s just like handing your participants a real pack of CCS Cards.

“The VFE solves the problem we have all been wanting to be solved.

 It’s just fantastic.” Nick

CCS Corporation is a valued ILP Strategic Partner.

Reminder:  Participation on an ILP Partner or Member Showcase, or ILP Masterclass or Meetupm qualifies for 1 CPD point, so once you attend be sure to update your CPD Log.

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