Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

This masterclass picked up on some of the questions and issues discussed in the previous masterclass Understanding Diversity & Inclusion. Our aim for this event was to go a little further to explore what L&D professionals can do to embrace diversity and inclusion more, AND importantly explore how as key ‘influencers’ we can promote D & I to those we work with.

Diversity and Inclusion have always been important subjects, and with the changes the world has seen in the last year and will continue to experience for some time yet, it seems they are increasingly seen as more important and urgent to more people, particularly leaders, not just in Learning and Development (L&D) but in all aspects of business, government, and community.

ILP’s goal here is to raise awareness and inform our members of what we might all do to be more inclusive in what we do.  And we hope that will encourage more action in this significant and far-reaching subject area.

We live in a world that is diverse in so many ways, and it seems many people and leaders want to embrace inclusion and accessibility, but are challenged with knowing where to start, where to get reliable information, and what actions to take.

Again our Round Table included a group of diverse informed professionals, discussing the big questions on diversity and inclusion, as well as sharing personal stories that provided sometimes stunning insights into the subject. So listen in to hear from our informed professionals Lyndal Box, Sonali D’silva, Ainslee Hooper, Gail Miller, and Leonie Cutts.

This masterclass recording is available to everyone, as it touches on an important subject ILP fully supports.

You can watch this masterclass on YouTube.