Developing Learning Mindsets in Learners, Adam Le Good

Developing Learning Mindsets in Learners, Adam Le Good

Developing Learning Mindsets in Learners

The L&D Capability Framework includes the importance of ‘Managing Learner Engagement’.  An essential part of this is ensuring that our participants have the right mindset to engage with our session.

There are many reasons why people attend learning sessions unprepared to learn. In this interactive masterclass we explored those reasons and developed strategies to help instil a Learning Mindset in our audience.

Inexperienced presenters are often so consumed with the content, their ‘slides’ and their own nervous energy that they forget the importance of engaging with participants. But even experienced presenters can struggle when participants enter the learning space unprepared or unwilling to learn.

Our job as Learning and Development professionals is NOT presenting information … it is engaging the hearts and minds of our audience.

In this session we explored why participants enter a learning session unprepared to learn and look at what we can do to instil a Learning Mindset in our learners from the moment they enter the ‘room’.

We also explored some of the things we might be doing as presenters that could discourage a Learning Mindset in our audience.

Whether you present face to face or virtually, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, and regardless of the numbers you present to, this presentation will help you engage your audience more effectively and ensure positive takeaways for all your participants.

Facilitated by Adam Le Good

Adam has been in the Learning and Development field for over three decades. For much of that time he has been helping other Learning and Development professionals learn and perfect their craft. His background in the performing arts combined with his lifelong study of human behaviour are a potent combination, and help to engage with, and impart to, everyone in his sessions.

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Adam Le Good

Adam Le Good

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