L&D Week Session 9: Demonstrating Training Effectiveness – How to Make This Bane into a Boon

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Have you ever told yourself that evaluating to show results is too difficult? Have you ever wondered if there are easier, more fun ways to build a cohesive chain of evidence that is both useful and credible to your stakeholders?

If either yes or no, then this session is definitely for you! If you answered yes above, you will go away with ideas and practical tips on how to evaluate across the four Kirkpatrick levels in a simple, fun and cost effective manner. If you answered no to the above question, you are either currently not evaluating enough and could start with these techniques, OR you have it all figured out and can get into a great exchange of ideas with like-minded people!

During this session we will look at 4 key principles for a more purposeful approach to evaluation. We will share success stories from our clients and easy to adopt examples that you can quickly start building into your own evaluation charter. Melanie combines her entrepreneurial spirit with her 15+ years of experience in L&D to help build memorable & results-based learning experiences. Being a Certified KP Facilitator and Transfer Enabler, she applies strong business acumen & a deep understanding of what makes learning stick to support clients in being more strategic in their L&D initiatives.

Melanie is the co-owner of the Learning Gym, where the focus is on upskilling learning professionals in the field of training design, delivery, and evaluation.

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Melanie Martinelli

Co-founder, Director The Learning Gym

Event: L&D Week 2024

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