Certified Learning Consultant


What is a Certified Learning Consultant (CLC)?

The Certified Learning Solution (CLC) is the master recognition benchmark for highly experienced internal or external consultants who can see the learning from a strategic point of view and influence stakeholders to engage Consultants and learner holistically in learning at an organisational level.

Applicants undergo an assessment of capability against the L&D Capability Framework, careaer achievements, their practical experience and ongoing development.

CLC Certification

This benchmark was introduced to

  • Establish an industry-wide recognised standard of excellence
  • Reinforce the learning and development profession with both experience and competence
  • Ensure learning and development continues to advance with both knowledge and skills
  • Enhance the credibility of the profession by recognising professionals who positively influence learning outcomes for organisations.

Achieving this benchmark provides an industry-wide recognised standard of excellence to stand out with clients, existing and potential employees, and learners.

To be eligible for the CLC recognition, consultants typically have:

  • Extensive practical learning and development experience (minimum of four years)
  • Recognised qualifications in learning and development or related fields (e.g. post-grad qualifications)
  • Demonstrated results or achievements from learning initiatives or projects
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development

Application Process


We want all potential Certified Learning Facilitators to decide if the CLC is the right option for them.


Complete the application form and include the required supporting evidence in regard to their experience.


Once the application is approved, applicants will be provided with additional information relating to the practical assessment.


The practical assessment component involves a questionnaire, validation interview and demonstration of consulting skills.

Ongoing Recognition

  • To maintain CLC Status, individuals must submit a CLC Logbook each year outlining their development activities over the past 12-months.
  • The completion of the logbook demonstrates the individual’s commitment to continuous development and the modelling of best practice.
  • In addition to the logbook, Certified Learning Consultants need to submit one testimonial from a stakeholder confirming how the CLC has made a positive impact on learning for their organisation.