Certification Process


How to Prepare for the Virtual Facilitator Certification

Here are some more information and tips to help you prepare for this session:

We want to help you prepare the best you can for the certification process. The certification lets your existing and potential clients know you are experienced in delivering professional and engaging online live learning initiatives.

Once your appointment has been scheduled your assessor will send you an invitation to a Zoom meeting. Here are a couple of more tips to help you prepare for this meeting. Please:

1. Use the same environment and equipment you would normally use for your online sessions.

2. Dress professionally as during the assessment you will deliver a short 60 second session. This session will be recorded for your certification evidence. Consider adding this clip to your ILP Member Profile.

Your session should be good example of how you engage learners. Talk about the benefits of your virtual training and why anyone should use your services.  You do not need to introduce yourself as the assessor will already know you and the video will be displayed on your profile page. Remember, you only have 60 seconds so check the timing.

So, what will your assessor be looking for?

If you prepare yourself with the list below, then you should be in a good place to achieve certification.

Your assessor will be reviewing on the following criteria:



Your face and expressions are easily seen with the right amount of lighting and no shadows.


Clear Audio

You can be heard clearly, and there are no distracting background noises.


Video composition

Your onscreen presence (e.g. your head and shoulders) should be centred in the frame and your camera should be at eye level.


Video background

Use a real {not virtual} physical professional background with no distractions. Please note, if you want to use a virtual background for your video recording you can switch over at that time.


Engagement Tools

Your assessor will ask some questions in relation to how you make your sessions engaging. This will be around the types of online tools you use (e.g. whiteboard, sticky notes, breakout rooms, chat box etc) and how you use them.



  • Recovery – You need to have a Plan B for technical difficulties. You will be assessed on relaunching the session within one minute, as well as strategies for disruptions like zoom-bombing.
  • Network – Your assessor will measure your bandwidth (needs to be a minimum of 1.5Mbps and your network latency (needs to be less than 100ms)

What happens if your certification is not successful?

Our aim is to help you achieve this certification.  If you do not meet our certification criteria, your assessor will provide helpful constructive feedback and you will be given another opportunity (within a six-month period) for another assessment at no cost.