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If you are a LinkedIn user, you may have noticed a big change in the layout of the desktop version.

The world, especially the business world is a much more ‘mobile’ place.  LinkedIn wanted to make its system a “world-class, elegant and sophisticated user experience” to be more consistent with features on the mobile app.

The following article from Slice Communications provides a snapshot of important things to know, to navigate LinkedIn effectively, and to make sure you get all the benefits from it you can.

Save profile to PDF

On your profile, you now have the option of sharing your profile and saving your profile as a PDF. If you are visiting another person’s profile on LinkedIn, you can Save it as PDF, share the profile, remove the connection, report/block, unfollow, request a recommendation, or recommend the person.


More Stylised Layout with a Bigger Focus on the Newsfeed

LinkedIn has made their look much sleeker and therefore more efficient.  When you log on, you are immediately directed to your newsfeed that emphasizes LinkedIn Posts (now called Articles), so that you can stay up to date on your connections’ latest shares, thoughts, and opportunities.


New Messaging System

LinkedIn has revamped their messaging system and made it similar to Facebook Messenger. They have now included a chatbot to help you schedule meetings through Google Calendar. It is much easier to view your past messages (that are located on the left sidebar), and if you are struggling to find a particular message with someone, you can search their name or keywords. You even have the option of turning on your read receipts!


Finding Out How Many Connections You Have is Easier

If you have over 500 connections, it wasn’t always the easiest to find out the exact number of connections you have, but now it is! Just click on “Network” at the top of the page and the number of connections you have will appear on the top left side of your screen. You can even sort them by first name, last name, and recently added.


More Emphasis on Notifications

You can click on the “Notifications” tab to view each and every notification you have received, including who’s viewed your profile recently, your connections’ new positions or work anniversaries in addition to the Articles they share.  LinkedIn also emails you when something noteworthy happens on your LinkedIn account, so that even if you aren’t logged in, you will never miss out on the action!


Social media is ever-changing and new updates will occur soon enough, but until then Happy Navigating!

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