Apply for Certified Learning Solution

Apply for Certified Learning Solution


Before submitting your application, please review the certification requirements in the CLS Handbook to ensure you are ready.

This application must be completed and submitted to ILP for processing. Incomplete applications will not be processed. If insufficient space, please attach additional documents.

Once your initial application has been accepted, your will receive the CLS assessment document and a pre-interview with the assessor to help you prepare.


Due to the comprehensiveness of the certification process and verification, this phase takes approximately two to four weeks depending on the time required to authenticate the information submitted.

Once Phase Two is completed successfully, you will be notified of the next available timing to your practical assessment.

If unsure of any of the requirements or processes, please call ILP on 1300 768 660.


  • Establish an industry-wide recognised standard of excellence.
  • Reinforce the learning and performance profession with both experience and competence.
  • Enhance the credibility of the profession by ensuring that only credible learning experiences or solutions are recognised.
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Referee / Testimonial 1

All new certifications and re-certifications are required to supply two referees or testimonials.
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Referee / Testimonial 2

All new certifications and re-certifications are required to supply two referees or testimonials.
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Professional Development

Include the qualification title, the awarding institution and the year you received the qualification. Please attach additional information as required.

Practical Experience

Indicate the extent of your practical experience. Practical experience is defined as the number of completed years of service either in a recognised learning and development role. Time in a related Learning Designer / Solution Provider Role Years Please attach any remarks concerning your experience, which may be useful in assessing your application.


To ensure your application is correctly processed, please list any documents you may be attaching. Please include evidence of any feedback received from stakeholders and improvements made on design when it was tested or delivered.


A log-book will be sent to you so you can log your minimum 30 hours of professional for re-certification. Please complete the log-book so ILP can issue you a new digital badge.

Payment Details

Payment details must be included with the application. Incomplete application will not be processed.
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For multiple certifications or re-certifications, please contact us directly on 1300 768660.
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