AI and Chatbots - Transfer of Learning, Emma Weber

AI and Chatbots – Transfer of Learning, Emma Weber

AI and Chatbots for Transfer of Learning

How can you start integrating emerging technology into your learning initiatives? Could using chatbots help you reduce the struggle of evaluating and creating sustained behaviour change from your programmes? One and done approaches to learning typically fail. Learn how chatbots present an exciting opportunity to offer one on one coaching post-event to really make the learning stick.

In the session with Emma Weber we looked at:

  • Chatbot basics for transfer and evaluation – what works and what doesn’t
  • The five key lessons from deploying chatbots for learning transfer
  • Challenging our assumptions of what’s possible through stories of real client experiences

Emma’s goal for this session was not to make us ‘chatbot experts’, but to leave us with new ideas and a sense of wonder, as to what’s possible with AI right now. And she certainly did that. This was another AMAZING ILP Online Masterclass.

This Masterclass is ended. if you are ILP member then you can login to watch the Masterclass Recording

Emma Weber

Emma Weber

CEO, Learning Transfer and Evaluation Specialist

Lever – Transfer of Learning

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