2020 Success Stories in L&D

A Year of Challenge and Change – Stories and Lessons from 2020

A Year of Challenge and Change – Stories and Lessons from 2020

2020 saw a massive change in the Learning and Development space. L&D leaders have moved up the corporate food chain and more and more of us have joined the C-Suite to ensure L&D has the strategic impact it always deserved.

L&D professionals of all types have been challenged like never before. Some have fallen by the wayside, many have ‘pivoted’ to a new working model, and others have fully embraced this ‘bold new world’. And throughout the year ILP has been here, supporting our members.

However this session was NOT about ILP, it is about YOU our members.

We asked a number of our ILP professional members to share their 2020 stories with us – what happened, what was the impact, what did they do, what worked, and what didn’t – real lessons from the field.

And in asking we were flooded with great people stepping up. Too many in fact for one session, so we had to select 5 great stories to be shared, aiming to highlight different experiences. Each professional had 10 minutes to share their story and lesson. Then we had an open forum for people to ask questions. The stories are an insight to 2020 and the lessons are valuable as we approach 2021. Thanks to our storytellers, and everyone that participated.

  • Salley Foley-Lewis
  • Lyndal Box
  • Nigel Grant
  • Debbie Key
  • Malcolm Simister

You can learn from these professionals on YouTube.

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