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Leonie Cutts

Leonie Cutts

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The community I go to. The people I trust.

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We offer a complete, tailored journey for your Company or Team. All our face-to-face programs can be delivered in-house and adapted to meet your specific organisational needs.

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Partner Showcase – Integrating visual models into training

Wednesday 11th May
(4:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

What makes training really work

Improve your brand’s performance with a High-Level Brand Audit

Wednesday 25th May
3:30-5:00 AEST (Syd/Melb/Bris)

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Proud to be serving the L&D Community

At a time when many associations/institutes who state that they represent a body of professionals appear to be invisible, it is encouraging and differentiating to see ILP consistently engaging and thinking about how to serve and be valuable to its community. ILP is in front of the curve. It is great what you are doing and getting to be part of it.

ILP is by far the most relevant and progressive learning organisation of which I am a member. It provides continual formal and informal educational opportunities and a great network of peers. ILP founder, Kerry Brocks, is an inspirational leader who strives to provide value to all members.

To be a part of something larger than myself or my business, gives me so much energy. Making some contribution, no matter how small, to raising the standard of facilitation in Australia is in tune with both my life goals and purpose for being. Meeting and working with ILP members is learning by osmosis. The access to professional development opportunities, resulted chats with like-minded professionals and the very reasonably priced insurance, are just the icing on the cake.

I joined ILP 5 years ago because, as an independent operator, I needed to be able to plug into a network of like minded professionals and to have access to resources and tools at rates that were not cost prohibitive. ILP has ticked all of those boxes numerous times – I have made valuable professional connections, secured additional clients and accessed some awesome tools – all of which is directly because of my membership. An unexpected benefit are the people I have met along the way that are now friends. I would wholeheartedly recommend any learning practitioner to become a member.

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The community I go to. The people I trust.

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